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Desire to develop an authentic personal brand and/or Business brand in support of so much more—your team, your division, your company, your industry or your mission.

Maybe you want to reach new customer segments, support hiring initiatives, launch a new product, make a name for your organization or all of the above. No matter the reason, you know it’s

important to make your voice heard and you are ready to take the necessary steps to find a microphone. 


Branding strategy is a unique advantage that will increase both your brand awareness and your market share—today and for the long term. Simply put, personal branding is your solution to future-proofing your business and filling the sales pipeline 

Leveraging this powerful approach to marketing allows you to grow a high-quality audience and network of brand ambassadors while filling your pipeline and increasing your credibility.

By investing in your personal brand platform, you’re positioning yourself and your company as an industry leader, gaining exposure to more strategic relationships, press, notoriety and growth.

Personal branding strategy is the new marketing plan.


1:1 Coaching


Brand Identity & Strategy Development

Strategic content creation

Learning & development, strategies & corporate training tailored to your organization’s areas of focus


Speak On It


skills and confidence to clearly communicate their unique value proposition—a tangible asset for business and personal  growth.

Clarify your message and define a team branding strategy to create maximum impact.

Looking for excellent keynote speaker for corporate events to motivate and educate your audience. Invite our CEO and Creative Director Denise Johnson - to Speak On It! and empower your event. Denise has been recognized as a Business Motivational Speaker in Branding and Marketing, and have been tried and tested at many conferences, and have always had excellent reviews from conference planners. 



How the process works

We have experience helping new and existing leaders develop strategic and authentic  brands.




It all starts with a discovery call

Strategy & Planning

You manifest your dream life

Capture your unique individuality, in service of  business goals and your greater mission. Potentially partner with you and your company to get your message out into the world!

Not only are you creating strategic content for your existing audiences and platform, but DSJ Designed™ helps you create an authentic personal & Business brand that you can leverage!

We help our clients leave legacies. Authentic branding, when done right, is about more than yourself. We work with people who are in service of a greater mission.

Are you ready to be the showrunner of your business?

Let's work

Works with companies and individuals located all around the world. Whether you travel to us, we travel to you, or we connect virtually, there are no limits to what we can do together.

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