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Manifest Abundance in Your Life

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Manifesting Abundance

Manifestation is the ability to consciously create your reality by focusing on the power of your thoughts. It’s about being able to materialize things that you think about, feel into or believe.

Abundance is about a lot more than money. It’s joy. It’s laughter. Abundance is seeing your baby’s smile. But yes, it is also about manifesting money because the truth is, money is important to people. Having financial security allowed me to build and buy a house with my husband and manifest new brand partnerships in business. A common misconception is that abundance is just visualization – people try to just think about what they want and when it doesn’t work, they give up. Manifestation is about so much more.

Tips for Manifesting Abundance:

Notice your thoughts and beliefs. These are the foundation of your reality. Your thoughts create your beliefs, and your beliefs create your reality. A lot of our beliefs are subconscious, and some of those have been hardwired into us since before we were born. Conscious thoughts are what you’re aware of when you’re thinking. Everyone is living in a different reality based on what they believe. You are guaranteed to stay in the same place if you continue to recycle the same thoughts, beliefs and choices you’ve used until now. Pay attention to what you believe and the decisions you make based on those beliefs.

Reprogram your beliefs to match your desires. If you believe you have to work hard for your money, you will have to constantly hustle, and ultimately you’ll burn out. Likewise, believing you’re not good enough manifests into people not valuing you. Just because you believe something doesn’t mean it’s true. But because you believe it, you’re manifesting it in your life. Reprogram your beliefs by contradicting them. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. If you’re so focused on beliefs that are limiting you, you’re not going to be able to see the huge, expansive picture of opportunities that could provide you with so much more. If you ask for success and prepare for failure, you will get what you prepared for. To have a limitless life, you have to believe in limitless potential.

Be a vibrational match. Science and quantum physics backs manifestation. Everything has energy – you, a computer, animals. Your dominant vibration is what you’re feeling. And like vibrations attract. Have you ever awoken with a low vibration? Maybe you’re sick of your job, you don’t want to get up on a Monday, you’re just not feeling it? Your vibration is low, so you will attract low vibrations. Now, I’m not saying you have to stay happy to be matched with happy things. Maintaining a high vibe isn’t realistic. But try to consciously move through shame, grief, fear or whatever is causing a low vibration so you can improve the vibration you’re giving off – and attract the ones you want!

Embody who you want to be. Imagine that you could reach out and grab whatever version of who you want to be and bring it into your body so you ARE who you want to be. We don’t manifest what we want, we actually manifest who we are being. Waiting for what you want to come to you is fruitless. If you want love, a career, or to write a book – you have to be a version of yourself that makes it happen. We’ve been conditioned to do all the things: go to college, get married, just “do”. THEN we get to have the love, career, success and be happy later. You need to be who you want to be right now through your thoughts, beliefs and energy. Do it because it feels good. You are either living from current circumstances and making decisions based on what’s happening now, or you’re a person making decisions based on where you intend to be.

Surrender and release. It’s the God's job to decide the HOW and the WHEN. We can’t see everything in front of us, but if we learn how to surrender and release our fears and hopes to the universe, the vantage point is so much bigger. Sometimes we think we’re taking a “bad” turn, but intuition led us that way, and it actually turns out to be right. Surrendering requires you to listen to your intuition. Some people feel this in their heart, some in their stomach. It’s the part of you that just “knows” something. If you learn to trust your intuition, you will manifest your abundance much faster. You’ll begin to see signs and synchronicities. Manifestation happens at the speed of trust. Read Romans 8:28

Receive and stay open. Do you have a hard time accepting when people say nice things about you? If you can’t receive a compliment, what makes you think you can receive more? Tunnel vision – believing that things can only happen one way – creates resistance. For example, you may want abundance, but you don’t know how it will come when you only have one job. That’s tunnel vision. Manifesting abundance in the form of finances is not always about paper money. Opportunities come in the form of ideas that may lead you to more finances.

Manifesting abundance…or love…or money takes practice, focus and unlearning. But it does work. I don’t believe in coincidences, so if you’re reading this, it’s for a reason.

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